For as long as I can remember, my younger sister, Jane, and I have dreamed about opening our own neighborhood café. Hungry cookbook collectors and unabashed Ina Garten fans, there has never been a recipe that we weren’t eager to test or share with our friends.  When the time would be right, our café would be named Blondies.  Why not?  Two blondes and a play on the all-too-familiar sweet that would represent our love for baked goods…

Originally from New Jersey, my husband, Jon, and I relocated to Daniel Island in 2011 with our two young boys. We missed our local counter cafes where we could quickly grab quality fare and coffee at affordable prices. It soon enough became clear that Blondies had found its home.

Driven by our appreciation for good food and a well-designed atmosphere, we dedicated two years to designing Blondies.  Although “the bagel” was not part of our original concept, we felt that a bagel shop made perfect sense for the community. The bagel is a timeless, versatile staple and most importantly, a missing food group for a couple of Northerners like us. We were fortunate enough to complete our team with Karla, a seasoned veteran in the bagel and restaurant business, who relocated from New Hampshire with her family. 

Our gourmet bagel shop offers a fresh and seasonal menu focusing on housemade bagels and cream cheeses. The tailored menu features all-American breakfast favorites like bagel and egg sandwiches to a selection of sandwiches and sweet treats for the lunch-going crowd. 
We are excited to call Daniel Island "home" for our family and now our business too!

Anne Turner
Owner Blondies Bagels and Cafe